St Petersburg City Refuge is a private home often with no more than 10 residents per home. We are a transitional housing program for homeless single men with ages ranging from 18+ who are working to transition into productive and self-sufficient members of society.


The residents living in St Petersburg City Refuge are provided with access to programs and service available to our organization. Residents receive supplemental food weekly counseling, skills training, case management, and job placement assistance.

A Message from our Director  

A Message from our Director  

Chris Ortiz

Managing Director

I understand first hand how difficult it is to overcome some of lifes’ hurdles. I’ve overcome a childhood of mental, physical and verbal abuse. I’ve overcome a young adulthood of criminal behavior that lead to substance and alcohol abuse.


I’ve gone from gang member to Director of a program that helps change lives. Trust me I truly understand the struggle is 100% real. You don’t have to believe in a higher power like I do but you do have to believe in something.


Let's start with believing in yourself. The good news is you don’t have to do it alone! Just remember we're here to offer you a hand up not a hand out. Let’s take this  journey together one step at a time!