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Who we are

We are non-profit 501(c)(3) organization providing safe housing for those

in need of refuge. Setting a new standard in the transitional and permanent

housing movement. Our goal is to give individuals the real chance they deserve by

providing affordable housing and resources they need.




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Our mission is to empower, encourage, and equip our residents looking for a

chance to stand on their own.


Our vision is to ignite a spiritual revolution, compelling individuals to live their full potential. We want to be the last transitional housing center they ever enter.


Our Culture is Centered On the following:


  • Address the underlying issues of substance abuse and homelessness through sober living, fellowship, and innovative programs.


  • A strong focus on the SPIRIT, MIND, and BODY.


  • Provide participants the tools to cope and heal from areas of pain in their life by re-establishing faith, hope, and love, which will assist in breaking the cycle of addiction.


  • Create an atmosphere in which each participant will have the opportunity to achieve residential stability, increase their skill level, and obtain a greater understanding of their strengths and purpose.


  • Engage participants using case management & individualized treatment plans based on shared responsibility & accountability.


  • Provide each participant with a range of supportive services that will instill physical and mental well-being, a sense of belonging and a desire to lead a productive life.


  • Treat all participants with respect as we instill a sense of pride and ownership.


  • Collaborate with community-based partnerships to engage the hard to reach individuals, giving help to all who want it and are willing to actively engage.


  • Maintain financial strength and stability through prudent business decisions and sound operations.


  • Be a positive influence and a responsible nonprofit service provider in the communities we serve.


  • Maintain our focus on serving people.

The smallest light in this world has the power to transcend through

the deep darkness of the universe.     -Jeanie Borrero

Program cost

$600.00 per month and a one time $125 application / Administration fee. However, programs and discounted rates are available for self-pay individuals that receive monthly benefits. Program fees may be made by card, cash, money order or cashiers checks. We also offer electronic funds transfer. We do take 3rd party payments from organizations assisting our residents with housing cost and sponsorship's for individuals or entire homes.

Program includes

• All utilities

• Wi-fi

• Case management

• Supplemental foods

• Personal development resources

• Legal accountability and advocacy

  • Support services

  • Crisis stabilization

  • Building self-esteem

  • Emotional coping strategies

Non-discriminatory policy

We have a non-discriminatory policy in keeping with civil rights and federal guidelines. All those in need are welcome regardless of race, sex, gender orientation, religion, class, status, ethnicity, disability, or any other status.

Addiction Recovery

Our Sober living homes are group homes for addicts. These homes are privately owned homes that are strategically-placed in quiet areas to help ensure a peaceful environment for addicts to recover. With support structures in place, we help ensure the success of our residents’ recovery while they closely monitored.

Jail diversion re-entry

Individuals who have been sentenced and serve prison time, generally receive little to no regard from society. Our Jail Diversion Program provides comprehensive services, including housing and supportive services like case management and assistance with court compliance. Our goal is to ensure a successful transition from prison to a productive life in the community.


The St Pete City Refuge Transitional Housing provides Private home resident-style transitional housing for 40 homeless single men and women with an emphasis on employment and self-development.

Aging out of foster care

Our aging out of foster care focuses on assisting youth in foster care with housing after they have aged out of foster care. Helping youth with a home to achieve both their      short- and long-term goals in a safe, stable, affordable living arrangement.

Freuantly Ask Questions

How Do I qualify?










Generally a referral is made from a case-worker who understands if you are a good fit and will benefit from our program. However exceptions are made and candidates that want to join can request an intake interview with

St Pete City refuge to enter the program.










what is the cost to this program?

$700.00 per month. Programs and discounted rates are available for self-pay individual, that receive monthly benefits to receive reduced rates. Program fees may be made by cash, money order or cashiers checks. We also offer electronic funds transfer. We do take 3rd party

payments from organizations assisting our

residents with housing cost.

How long do I have to be in the program?

The program is customized for each individual's needs. While some might require just a safe haven while developing an action plan others can potentially require more assistance with their recovery process.

Qualifications & criteria 

• Applicants must be over the age of 18

• Single

• Be able to care for themselves with no assistance  

• Be able to cover the program fees

Intake step by step Process

• Reach out via email or phone number to schedule an interview.

• If accepted a move in date will be scheduled.

• Fill out intake application by downloading it from our website.

• Have a copy of two forms of ID on move-in date.